"This is my fourteenth book and in many ways my most important"

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Are you tired of Not Charging 

What you're worth?


"Someone has to be the most expensive - why not make it you?” is my latest book.
It's the fourteenth book that I've had the pleasure of writing and publishing over the
past 20 years. In many ways, it's the culmination of decades of research, experience
and realisations about the world of business.

My passion really is helping small business owners build businesses of substance,
in fact I love to say that I work with people of substance to build businesses of
substance. And this book plays a major part in doing exactly that.
Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of small business owners, I’ve spoken
to hundreds of thousands of small business owners at events around the world
and I’ve written content that has been read by millions of small business owners.

One of the single biggest issues that I’ve encountered doing all of this is
that so many business owners simply don’t charge enough for what
they do. The issue isn’t getting more business, the issue is
getting paid what they are worth. And of course it’s not
as easy as it sounds.

In my new book, I really do promote the fact we
all need to be charging what we are worth.
Ideally, be the most expensive. But if you’re
going to be the most expensive, you have to
be the best. And that is the key fundamental
principle of this book.

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BOOK Content

This is a book designed to inspire small business owners to start charging what they are worth. At the same time, it addresses why we
often don’t and what we need to do about it. I’ve written “Someone has to be the most expensive - why not make it you?” as a practical
guide, so whilst I’m going to spend time explaining why not charging enough is a business issue, I’m going to spend just as much time
showing you how to change your thinking around this - forever.

There are 12 parts to this book and over 60 detailed chapters -

Part 1 The BIG why.
Part 2 The world has changed - have you?
Part 3 There are many very good reasons to be the most expensive.
Part 4 How scared does this idea make you?
Part 5 So what does it actually mean to be the best?
Part 6 Does this concept really work for any kind of business in any market?
Part 7 Surely the online world is completely different? Or is it?
Part 8 Now we are convinced with the reasoning, we need some rules to work with.
Part 9 The process we need to follow.
Part 10 Now it’s time to rethink what we say.
Part 11 More ways to increase your credibility, trustworthiness and ‘buyablity’.
Part 12 This road is not for the faint of heart.


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Someone has

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