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Over the past 20 years I’ve had the great pleasure of working with many different companies and organisations around the world, specifically those that have a large customer base of small businesses that they work with and deliver products and services to.

I get called in to help in many different ways, but the bottom line is that I help large organisations connect and engage with their small business customers. I do this through a range of services, some that focus on my experience and knowledge in this space, others that take advantage of my reputation and credibility with small business owners globally.

I’ve worked on projects developing a small business engagement strategy for companies wanting to strengthen their relationships right through to the development and implementation of larger, international community-building campaigns for global organisations across multiple countries.

Whilst talking about that, some of the organisations I’ve worked with include - CBS, Hewlett Packard, the European Union, Newscorp, Telstra, Optus, most of the banks, numerous federal, state and local government departments and so on. You get the drift I’m sure.

Here are some of the ways I can help you to deeply engage your

Small business customers

1. plan and deliver specialist training

I run training programmes teaching everything from how to communicate, engage and sell to small business owners, to creating content and articulating messaging for a small business market. Typically I do this to corporate sales and marketing and communication teams.

2. deliver live presentations

If you want someone who can present at an event, live or virtual, to your small business audience, I bring a depth of credibility and expertise. In other words, your audience will look to me as an authority in their space, and you get the credit of engaging me and getting me to help them with their business.

3. small business ambassador

Could your organisation create leverage and engagement by utilising a small business Ambassador? This is something I’ve done a considerable amount of in the past. Ideally, we need to develop a strategy around this, but there is no doubt it is a great way to engage.

4. plan, develop and deliver engaging and relevant webinars

I can conduct interactive, engaging webinars either as one off, topic specific or as a series done over a selected period of time, generally on a bigger topic or part of a training programme. I do webinars all over the world on a regular basis.

5. creating engaging videos for your small business audience

Perhaps you would like a training programme developed as a video series that can follow a theme, teach a specific skill set or some other form of online learning. Videos can also be done as one off topic specific content.

6. group or individual coaching

Conducting one to one or group coaching sessions online, either as one off problem-solving or support sessions through to ongoing coaching as part of a programme. Some companies buy coaching packages to give as prizes in competitions targeting their small business customers.

7. develop a specific podcast

Podcasting is a great tool, that is often under-utilised, to create engagement and educate. These can be short term topic specific themed podcasts used to deliver training and support either focusing around a specific topic or sector or as an ongoing connectivity tool. These can be a set number of episodes or an open ended podcast series that ends when the need for the show ends.

8. virtual workshops/summits

Virtual workshops can be conducted either for a few hours or even expanding into a multi-day event. These can be themed and developed according to the needs of the specific organisation and the relevant target market. I can source others to be involved in large events as speakers as well.

9. written content

Written content created as one-off blog posts right through to ongoing regular content either as a stand alone piece or as part of a large content platform. I can also source other specific topic experts and authorities to provide combined content for a platform. I have written approximately 3000 articles to date.

10. creating ebooks/workbooks

Create ebooks, training workbooks and other collateral that can be used in conjunction with a specific theme or to support some other campaign.

11. programme development

I can develop topic specific programmes that incorporate a range of the above products, once again as one-off topics around a central theme or longer programmes set over several months.

12. master classes

I can develop, plan and manage Master Classes on a broad range of topics to suit various markets. These can be used as incentives, sales tools or rewards.

13. build communities

Through my connections, I can assemble a group of credible, knowledgeable small business authorities to build an online advice based community, present an event or summit or have as guests for podcast shows, a webinar series or media appearances.

By now I'm pretty sure you

Get the picture

If you want to attract more small business customers, get them to spend more with you, keep them for longer and encourage them to refer more of their small business friends, I can help in many ways.

The best place to start is with a preliminary conversation about what it is you actually need. I know these things can take a little time to develop and that’s no problem. Even if you aren’t sure what you need, but you know what the outcome that you are after may be, let’s talk.

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