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But before we dive in, let me paint a bit of a picture about working with me


I work with business owners, authors and speakers - around the world.

I've coached thousands of people around the world on a broad range of topics. I've worked with many business owners and entrepreneuers looking to develop skills, solve problems or take advantage of specific opportunities. I've helped over 600 people to write and publish their first book. And I've worked with thousands of people to help develop their speaker skills. So I know my way around a coaching programme and a workshop.

I've done the above through one on one coaching, programmes, workshops and retreats. And I like to think I've got a very unique skill set, along with a passionate and intelligent approach to working with others. Ask around, check out my social media and visit some of the information pages associated with the products and programmes I have on offer and you'll soon see that when you work with me, it's all about getting results. I don't hold anything back as a coach and teacher, your success is my success, and that's what really fires me up. 

The following page is broken into 3 categories - my business products and programmes, my author coaching products and programmes and my speaker training products and programmes. Check out the areas you are interested in and by all means, feel free to shoot me an email if there is something specific that you're interested in that isn't listed here - email/info)(andrewgriffiths.com.au.


Coaching, Training and Programmes

I’ve worked with literally thousands of businesses, of all sizes, from across most industries, in every corner of the world, over many years. I’ve helped them to solve all kinds of problems and take advantage of all kinds of opportunities. I have a range of products and programmes available, and new ones being developed regularly. And please remember, you’re always welcome to reach out to me directly if you need some specific one on one coaching.

One on One Business Strategy Package

This is a great package if you've got a specific problem, opportunity or challenge that you would like me to help you with. We have three very specific sessions all designed to get the results you are aiming for. Click on the button below for more information.

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Coaching, Training and Programmes

Writing and publishing a book can be wildly confusing and challenging. One way to cut through this is to use the skill and experience of someone who has gone before you. I have helped helped over 600 people write and publish their own books and written and published 13 of my own which have gone onto become bestsellers, sold in over 65 countries. I offer a unique range of training and coaching programmes for new and aspiring authors right through to published authors looking to leverage their books. Check out my products below.

One to One Publishing Strategy Session

Investing in a Publishing Strategy Session is a very smart way to simplify the process and greatly increase the chances of your book being successful. We can cover a lot of ground in this 90 minute session and I have absolutely no doubt you will realise just what value for money it actually is.

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If you're visiting this page because you're serious about writing your first book and you're looking to do a programme that will guide you through the process, then you've come to the right place. I've developed an incredibly successful model for training new authors, and I've had the enormous pleasure of teaching and coaching over 600 people to write and publish their first books. Click the link below to find out all about my AUTHOR INC 6 month training programme for new and aspiring non fiction authors. This is a very comprehensive book writing programme for those who are ready to get that book out and into the world.

You can book in to start the Author INC programme at any  time. This is  a customised, one to one programme.

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Author Academy - 4 Day Retreat for new Authors

This is my signature Author training retreat - and I've run them around the world. Over the 4 days we work to map out your book, getting really clear on your idea, your reader, your book structure and much more. You will leave the retreat with your first chapter written and your entire book mapped out - and a comprehensive writing and publishing plan. For more information about my next Author Academy retreat click the button below. 

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Book Power - the Ultimate Book Leveraging Programme for Authors - 6 Month Programme

One of the biggest challenges most authors face is what to do when their book actually arrives. For most new authors, this becomes a major stumbling block that leads to a state I call "post publish depression". The reality is, leveraging your book and doing everything you can to get the full advantage from the time and money you've invested, needs direction and advice. Where better to get it than from someone who has written 13 bestselling books over 20 years? And to say that what I've learned over this time has completely changed my life is a huge understatement.

This 6 month programme is incredibly detailed and comprehensive and any author will learn exactly how to leverage their book and build the business they want and deserve. To find out more about the BOOK POWER programme, click on the button below.

The next BOOK POWER programme commences on Thursday 19th March 2020.

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Coaching, Training and Programmes

I’ve been a professional speaker for over 35 years (I know right), and in that time I’ve delivered over 500 presentations in 25 countries. Hopefully I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Being a professional speaker is a great way to make a living, but like most appealing industries, there are many potential speed bumps along the way. I love helping everyone from brand new speakers to highly experienced professionals develop their speakers skills and grow their speaker businesses. I've got some high quality products and programmes on offer.

One to One Speaker Strategy Session

My Speaker Strategy sessions are a good place to start. In this session we can cover a lot of ground, address a lot of Issues and really dive deep, regardless of whether you are starting out as a speaker or a veteran.

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Speaker 2.0 - 4 Day Speaker Skill Retreat

This is one of my favourite retreats, teaching people how to dramatically improve their speaker skills and so much more. Over the four days we spend time investigating what makes a world class speaker, understanding how to differentiate yourself as a speaker, stage craft, structuring your presentation, the business of being a speaker and so many other topics. I'll be working one to one with you over the 4 days as well as in our group. I get incredible feedback from everyone who attends this retreat. To find out more about the next Speaker 2.0, click on the button below. 

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Speaker INC is the programme I wish I had when I was starting out as a Speaker. I’ve thought long and hard about the content needed to suit any speaker in the modern world and I’ve developed 20 modules and countless frameworks, that address the most important skills and the knowledge necessary to become successful as a speaker. At the same time, it’s not just about learning new skills, there are many other areas to consider and that’s what makes this programme so unique. Apart from the huge amount of knowledge that I share, through one on one coaching, you get a pile of learning from other Speakers in the form of monthly MP3 recordings, books, a community to be a part of to share and learn from, and you even get to attend my Speaker 2.0 4 day retreat. It's a very comprehensive programme, designed to be fully customised to suit you and you and your Speaker needs, goals and dreams.

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I've been a professional speaker and MC for many years. I travel the globe as a speaker, and I've had the pleasure of playing an integral part of many conferences for leading companies in the role of MC. One thing I've really noticed in this time and having been engaged for hundreds of events, is the importance of the MC role - and sadly, how often MC's don't live up to it. It's not really their fault, most have never had any training. I've been asked for many years to offer a customised training programme to help people become professional MC's and this is it.

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Long-Term Coaching

Every year I have a small number of spaces available where I work one-on-one with individuals, in either 6 or 12 month blocks. I offer longer term, structured coaching for business owners, speakers and authors. I also work with a number of other business mentors and coaches and if I can't help at a particular time due to my own workload, I will be able to recommend a very capable mentor/coach who can.

Now, assuming you want to work with me for either 6 or 12 months, my process is simple. Together we will work out exactly what you want to achieve, within the allotted time, and figure out how best I can help you to achieve your goals.

Costs vary depending on how much one-on-one time you would like and I have a few packages to choose from, but typically it will require a commitment of between $2,200 and $3,300 per month. I've got some pretty amazing testimonials from people I've coached over the years, and I am happy to give you the contact details of people you can talk to who will tell you I'm awesome (I hope).

If this sounds like your thing, click on the button below to get some more information.

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Need an Accountability Coach?

Well look no further. I’ve developed a reputation for helping people to achieve things they’ve been struggling to get done. Whether it be write a book, make a major change in your business, become a professional speaker or virtually any other goal that has been evading you, check our my “AG ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING PACKAGES” and see if there is one to suit you. I’ve helped thousands of people to get those “big goals” done and dusted and I’m pretty sure I can help you to.

Accountability Coaching Packages

Win one of my Bestselling Books

Every week I’m going to give away a copy of one of my bestselling books. All you need to do to go into the draw is put your details in the box below. If you win, it will appear in your mailbox. Simple as that.

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