G’day, I’m Andrew Griffiths

As a bestselling author, entrepreneur and global presenter, I make a pretty terrible cook. But what I do know is the recipe for awesomeness when it comes to helping businesses to be extraordinarily successful. I have the pleasure of working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporations around the world, sharing what I believe to be the keys to success in any industry.

At the same time I’ve built a strong reputation as trainer and mentor, helping people to become world class communicators through writing and presenting. I conduct all kinds of specialised training programmes and workshops, where I share the knowledge and expertise that has helped me to build a successful global business. 

My website is jam packed with information about what I do (you will soon work out that I do lots of different stuff, but only stuff that I am truly passionate about)! There are also loads of free resources for businesses and individuals, as well as updates about my latest events, workshops, books and products. 

If you would like to work with me in some way, please feel free to drop me a line and let’s see where we go from there.

Andrew Griffiths
International Bestselling author and Global Speaker


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Zero to Hero

Some might say that mine is a ‘rags to riches’ story, and I guess that’s true. But, if you’re thinking I shot to fame in some kind of overnight success, you couldn’t be further from the truth…

I don’t know exactly when or where I was born, I just know that my start in life was as an orphan. Like thousands of other kids in this situation, I ended up in the system, which in turn led to a set of ugly experiences. 

It would have been easy to become a victim of the circumstances and continue down the path of drugs and crime that I was stumbing aimlessly down. But one day, there I was, sitting at the foot of my driveway when a startling realisation hit me "if I don’t change my life now, right this minute, I’m going to end up dead or in prison, I’m going to hurt someone or do something horrible".

The choice was simple: I could become a statistic, or I could choose a different path forward. 

Cut to 30 years later I’m an entrepreneur on the global stage, a best selling author of 12 books and a ‘small business authority’ in the media. I teach big business how to talk to small business, small business how to think big, and individuals to build the business they have spent their life dreaming about.

As a result of the success I’ve created for myself and others, I’ve had the opportunity to do lots of cool stuff, travelling the world speaking about what I've learned, what I've observed and what I think the future holds for those in the world of business . I am passionate about passing on the lessons I have learned in life and in business, and it brings me enormous satisfaction to energise others and help them to succeed at what they do.

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