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For me, being a world-class Speaker means being able to talk with absolute authenticity and authority, and delivering with passion. The aim is not to motivate but to inspire and I like to think I've been doing that for many years.



In reality I have been a presenter for 35 years, whether it was teaching people to dive or promoting tourism internationally or even running marketing workshops for Small Business owners, I've never been far from a stage. When my first book was published, I was asked to present on Small Business success, and I have been presenting on this topic ever since.

I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and expertise with hundreds of organisations, at conferences, retreats and special events throughout Australia and in the USA, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Iran, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and Fiji. My clients have included organisations as diverse as HP, CBS, Remax, Hertz, the European Union and many, many more.

Today my main focus is helping people to future proof themselves and their businesses. This is a huge topic and one that covers everything from leadership, to resliience, to communication, innovation and much more.

To get a feeling on how I might be able to work with you, please take a few minutes to explore the information on this page including some cool videos (I really like my animation), a few of my speaking topics, perhaps download my comprehensive speakers kit, check out some of my past clients and see what they have to say - and then after all of that, send me an email for more info about how much I charge and my availability.

My commitment to you is this - if you trust me enough to book me for your event, I will do everything in my power to make it as hugely successful as possible. Ask around and you will find that my reputation really does speak for itself. If you want a Speaker who will inspire and educate your audience, with many powerful stories, simple but hugely impactful frameworks and strategies that are constantly being used successfully around the world, then I'm your man.


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Speaker Kit

Stuff I Talk About

Generally I speak about what it takes to be successful in business in the modern world. This can cover everything from business trends to marketing, customer service and pretty much everything in between. I particularly love presenting on themes that involve overcoming adversity, thinking big and inspiring others.

Presenting In London

Over the past few years I have spoken at hundreds of events around the world. I speak at small business events as well as corporate events. If you want your audience to be inspired, entertained and energised - then I'm sure I can help.

My Current Speaker Topics


The Future of Business - 2030

There is little doubt that the world is changing at a ridiculously rapid rate, with direct impact and resultant consequences on all of us. Nowhere is this being felt more than in the world of business. We are seeing industries struggling to keep up and old, well established businesses disappearing from the face of the planet, simply because they are unable to evolve to survive and thrive in the new world. In this presentation, I share what I have observed to be the most important considerations and focus for businesses of all kinds to future proof themselves as hurtle towards 2030.

Would your customers fight to save your business?

This is a big question and one that few of us would be able to respond to with a resounding “yes”. But why not? How do we become one of those organisations that has such deep connection with our customers that if we did get into some kind of trouble, they would actually be the ones fighting to keep us going? In this presentation I’m going to share some stories about businesses that have achieved this exactly this and really clarify how they have been able to achieve this extraordinary relationship.

Someone has to be the most expensive, why not make it you?

Someone has to be the most expensive - why not make it you? But if you’re going to be the most expensive, you have to be the best - simple as that. Do you really charge what you are worth? Or are you like most businesses with the strategy of simply trying to be the cheapest to buy business? The reality is that this strategy is not a good one, especially when we are living in a world that is more accepting of paying for quality than ever before. There are many examples to support how this strategy is working, and how consumers are more accepting of paying for quality than ever. Now really is the time to start charging what you are worth. Someone has to be the most expensive, why not make it you.

What innovation in business really looks like around the world.

In this thoroughly engaging presentation I share many stories about the face of innovation around the world - what it really looks like and what it means for the rest of us in business. This is a great opening keynote for any event with an innovation theme, or an energetic presentation for later in the day when you want to get your audience laughing, engaged and thinking about the things that matter.

Make the move from transactions to experiences.

One of the single biggest shifts in the business world in recent years has been the shift for consumers, where they are moving from accepting transactions to demanding experiences, whenever they spend their money. Customer service means a whole different thing today to what it meant 10 years ago and most businesses are struggling to adapt to their customers expectations. Failing to master this is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

7 Strategies for business success in 2020

There has never been a better time to do business, there has never been a tougher time to do business. I get to travel the world and meet and work with all kinds of entrepreneurs - some doing great things, and sadly many who are struggling. I get to see what the common characteristics of the successful ones are, the trends they work with and the strategies that they develop - and share these with my audiences to help spell out exactly what we all need to be doing to survive and thrive in the rapidly evolving world that we live in.

It’s time for some good old school marketing.

In a world obsessed with all things digital, marketing has in many ways become very challenging when it comes to standing out from our competitors. I’ve been a fan of old school marketing for a long time (since writing the iconic 101 Ways to Market Your Business in 2000 in fact), and I believe that it has more relevance today than ever. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying digital is wrong, far from it, I’m saying that if we mix digital marketing and old school marketing we can get far more cut through - which can only be a good thing.

What I’ve learned from 35 years as a business owner.

Being a successful Small Business owner for 35 years means I have definitely learnt a thing or two along the way. Today, as a bestselling business and entrepreneurial author, with 13 books sold in over 65 countries, I compare not only my own learnings, but also the experiences of hundreds of thousands of Small Business owners around the world, to share what are the key lessons to succeed in business. These are not what you think - and they will certainly challenge traditional thinking.

The power of empathy in the modern business world.

This presentation really showcases my story – starting life as an orphan and overcoming the often predictable life that comes from an unusual beginning. I talk about the key learnings I’ve had in my life, everything from near death experiences as a commercial diver, through to becoming a global bestselling author and speaker. It’s inspirational, funny, uplifting - and a great story of overcoming adversity.

See Me In Action

To find out if I am a good fit for your audience, check out the videos below, some of the topics I speak about and the types of organisations I work with.

Here I’m talking to 200 Small Business owners about getting ready for 2020.

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Need a sensational MC for your conference or gala event?

Over the years I have MC’d everything from week long conferences to national award ceremonies, and everything in between. I love MC’ing and I am totally committed to making your event a huge success. Of course I like to have fun with the audience, but I can also manage panels, as well as commentate and deliver content in more corporate environments. I would love to talk to you about MC’ing your event.



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Speaker Kit

I've Worked With Some Pretty Big Fish

Over the last 20 years I've done a lot of presenting. In fact I've done (and continue to do) everything including keynote presentations, professional development seminars, , podcasts, webinars, customised workshops, twelve month training programs and pretty much everything in between. I even did a virtual presentation in "Second Life" (a weirdo virtual world that never really took off) for a group of accountants (yep, it was freaky). The logos below represent just a sample of the organisations I have had the great pleasure of presenting for in recent years:



And if you’ve got a few seconds you can check out even more of the companies that I’ve worked with as they whizz by


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As a result of the overwhelming success and continued demand of my workshops on The Business of Being a Professional Speaker, I have developed a very cool resource for aspiring presenters, people who love public speaking, and professionals who make a living out of delivering a powerful keynote address, it's called Speakerville.

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