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For me, being a world-class Speaker means being able to talk with absolute authenticity and authority, and delivering with passion. The aim is not to motivate but to inspire and I like to think I've been doing that for many years.


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In reality I have been a presenter for 35 years, whether it was teaching people to dive or promoting tourism internationally or even running marketing workshops for Small Business owners, I've never been far from a stage. When my first book was published, I was asked to present on Small Business success, and I have been presenting on this topic ever since.

I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and expertise with hundreds of organisations, at conferences, retreats and special events throughout Australia and in the USA, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Iran, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and Fiji. My clients have included organisations as diverse as HP, CBS, Remax, Hertz, the European Union and many, many more.

Today my main focus is helping people to future proof themselves and their businesses. This is a huge topic and one that covers everything from leadership, to resliience, to communication, innovation and much more.

To get a feeling on how I might be able to work with you, please take a few minutes to explore the information on this page including some cool videos (I really like my animation), a few of my speaking topics, perhaps download my comprehensive speakers kit, check out some of my past clients and see what they have to say - and then after all of that, send me an email for more info about how much I charge and my availability.

My commitment to you is this - if you trust me enough to book me for your event, I will do everything in my power to make it as hugely successful as possible. Ask around and you will find that my reputation really does speak for itself. If you want a Speaker who will inspire and educate your audience, with many powerful stories, simple but hugely impactful frameworks and strategies that are constantly being used successfully around the world, then I'm your man.


And a World Class Storyteller

You don't survive for 35 years as a professional speaker without having mastered stagecraft. For me it's vitally important that I share deeply valuable knowledge in a way that my audiences feel empowered to use this information. I have a great time on stage, and my aim is always to make my audience laugh, make them cry and make them think!

Presenting around the world

Over the past few years I have spoken at hundreds of events around the world. I've had the great pleasure of sharing my views on how we can future proof ourselves, our businesses and even our industries in 25 countries. If you want your audience to be inspired, entertained and energised - then I'm sure I can help.

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One testimonial that says it all

“In the last 10 years I have run over 1500 events across the globe. Andrew is, without doubt, one of the best presenters I have ever worked with. I pitched Andrew on a roadshow of events for Newable, the Department of International Trade UK and the Enterprise Europe Network.

British audiences are far less interactive and very different to Australian audiences. Yet Andrew has this extraordinary ability to win a room within the first few minutes on stage, with his real life experience and business knowledge, which he shares so powerfully with his masterful storytelling.

That particular roadshow consisted of a 14 event series, including a story telling keynote at a diversity conference for 500 women entrepreneurs, a full day content marketing workshop for my event team of 16, a 2 day presenter training workshop for 70 hard-nosed International Trade Advisers and 11 one day workshops on branding for international sales, conducted throughout England.

Each event had a different format, location, content and audience but the one thing that was consistent throughout the roadshow of events was Andrew’s ability to connect with each and every audience, to inspire, motivate and educate. No mean feat in light of the challenging times being faced with business uncertainty around Brexit.

The audience net promoter average across Andrew’s events was 9.7/10 – it was the highest of any presenter we had ever had. A truly extraordinary result from a truly extraordinary speaker.”

Luke Renehan,
Head of marketing and events, newable

My Current Speaker Topics

The following list showcases my current range of speaker topics, all of which can be delivered as keynote presentations as well as workshops. One very important aspect of my presenting is that every presentation I do is customised to suit the audience. You can use the list below for some ideas, but we will work together to finalise the exact topic and content that best suits your needs early on in the engagement process.


1.  Is it time to start charging what you're really worth?

Hot off the back of my latest book, "Someone has to be the most expensive, why not make it you?", this keynote presentation is designed to help business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders - really anyone in business, appreciate their worth and value in a changing world. Being the cheapest is a terrible strategy, filled with so many issues. But it's not easy to start charging what you're worth if we are running on old data, poor self worth and lack of an alternative model. My whole message here is that there has never been a time than right now to start charging what you are truly worth. And this covers a lot of ground. Energetic, fun and with a deep and powerful message, this is one of my most popular presentations. 

2.  My strategies for doing business in yet another crazy year.

I can't recall any other time where we've had to deal with so many challenges, event after event, month after month, year after year. In saying that, there are always opportunities resulting from turmoil, it's just that in the heat of the moment, it's hard to see any kind of positive, but of course there it's there. In this keynote presentation I share what I consider to be the key strategies that we all need to be adopting as this year and the next unfold. We are going to need different strategies to get us through and to make sure we're in a great position to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

3. The strategies you need to future proof your business.

As the Entrepreneurial Futurist I'm all about future-proofing. In this lively presentation I'll share my 7 key strategies that if followed, will future proof us as individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and even entire industries. In reality with the rate of change speeding up, the risk of losing relevance with our targeted customers has never been more real or more rapid. We all need to have a strategic plan to ensure that we stay relevant and that in turn is exactly what will future proof us in the years ahead.

4.  The 7 most important business trends we need to be aware of.

What exactly are the most significant trends that will impact on business owners in the coming years? We need to be aware of them and what they mean for us, our customers and our business. Most importantly we need to know how to adapt and evolve to ensure we take advantage of these trends in a way that gives us a competitive advantage. To put it simply, knowledge is power for business owners, but it's what we do with this knowledge that makes the different. 

5.  Make the move from transactions to experiences.

One of the single biggest shifts in the business world in recent years has been the shift for consumers, where they are moving from accepting transactions to demanding experiences, whenever they spend their money. Customer service means a whole different thing today to what it meant 10 years ago and most businesses are struggling to adapt to their customers expectations. Failing to master this is a sure fire recipe for disaster. This is a presentation I'm being asked to deliver more often as businesses around the world realise just how important creating experiences as become. I love it, I'm passionate about it and I've presented on this topic everywhere from Iran to London.

6.  What are the most important stories you need to be telling to deeply engage your customers?

There has never been a better time to do business, there has never been a tougher time to do business. The key is knowing and applying the right strategies that will give your Small Business the competitive edge as we speed towards 2025. I travel the world talking to, observing and working with Small Business owners. I get to see what is happening in this space around the planet and share what the trends I see emerging. In this stimulating keynote presentation I get the audience to clearly understand the changing world we live in and what they need to be doing to not just survive, but thrive in the coming years.

7. In a world obsessed with digital, there's great opportunity with some good old school marketing.

In a world obsessed with all things digital, marketing has in many ways become very challenging when it comes to standing out from our competitors. I’ve been a fan of old school marketing for a long time (since writing the iconic 101 Ways to Market Your Business in 2000 in fact), and I believe that it has more relevance today than ever. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying digital is wrong, far from it, I’m saying that if we mix digital marketing and old school marketing we can get far more cut through - which can only be a good thing. If we can master old school marketing as well as new school marketing, we gain an exceptional competitive advantage - something everyone in business needs.

8.  What I’ve learned in 35 years as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Being a successful Small Business owner for 35 years means I have definitely learnt a thing or two along the way. Today, as a bestselling business and entrepreneurial author, with 13 books sold in over 65 countries, I compare not only my own learnings, but also the experiences of hundreds of thousands of Small Business owners around the world, to share what are the key lessons to succeed in business. These are not what you think - and they will certainly challenge traditional thinking. My first business was a dive shop, and from there I've had a host of businesses, all successful and all with very significant lessons to be shared.

9.  What is the single biggest marketing mistake that most businesses make?

Most businesses go to great lengths to tell their potential customers how they are exactly the same as their competitors instead of showing clearly how they are different. This difference needs to be compelling, clear and easy for others to share. Mostly it comes back to communication - and that is more complicated than we think. This is a presentation for business owners to teach them what they need to be communicating and how they need to communicate it. Do this well, master the art of communication for business owners and everything will change.

10. Now is the time to redefine the meaning of value.

We often think we live in a world that is driven by price but from my experience, that's not true. I believe we live in a world driven by value. The business that can both deliver the most value and define clearly how value it offers, is the one that has a major competitive advantage. This means getting rid of limiting beliefs in our thinking, better storytelling, deeper connect and engagment with our customers and some rethinking of the way we do business. A great presentation for mature businesses struggling to adapt to changing times.

See Me In Action

To find out if I am a good fit for your audience, check out the videos below, some of the topics I speak about and the types of organisations I work with.

Using Storytelling to grow your business.

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Need a sensational MC for your conference or gala event?

Over the years I have MC’d everything from week long conferences to national award ceremonies, and everything in between. I love MC’ing and I am totally committed to making your event a huge success. Of course I like to have fun with the audience, but I can also manage panels, as well as commentate and deliver content in more corporate environments. I would love to talk to you about MC’ing your event.



I've Worked With Some Pretty Big Fish

Over the last 20 years I've done a lot of presenting. In fact I've done (and continue to do) everything including keynote presentations, professional development seminars, , podcasts, webinars, customised workshops, twelve month training programs and pretty much everything in between. I even did a virtual presentation in "Second Life" (a weirdo virtual world that never really took off) for a group of accountants (yep, it was freaky). The logos below represent just a sample of the organisations I have had the great pleasure of presenting for in recent years:



And if you’ve got a few seconds you can check out even more of the companies that I’ve worked with as they whizz by

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