OK, these aren't our real contributors, but hey they look cute and full of good ideas right?

Smallville has been running for just over 18 months now, and in that time our extraordinary Contributors have published close to 2000 articles, videos and MP3 recordings, making Smallville one of the richest Small Business advice resources around.

Each Contributor is a Small Business owner, so they get the trials and tribulations of doing business on a day to day basis. They aren’t academics or people who just write about business without actually doing it. That’s why their advice is so raw, real and relevant.

Every year we put together an eBook designed to help our wonderful Small Business fans make their business even better in the year ahead. This year, we asked our Contributors three questions:

1. What is the single biggest lesson you’ve learned in the last 12 months in your business?
2. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from someone about doing business?
3. And what’s the best piece of advice you would like to offer the readers to help them grow their business and stay relevant with their customers?

These are BIG questions, and we have over 30 responses to each of them. Our advice is pretty simple, grab a big cup of coffee, find a quiet corner, read them all, take notes, think, ponder and really consider how you can use this advice to take your business to the next level.

We hope you love this free eBOOK - feel free to share this link far and wide. And we hope that you achieve every single one of your 2018 business goals, so that next year you can aim even higher.

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