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Hello there Ladies and Gents,

Well at long last, I’m ready to launch my BIZ CLUB. This is something I’ve been working on for a long time. It's my first ever ongoing monthly programme, designed specifically for small business owners. It's going to be incredibly comprehensive, but at the same time manageable. This is the place where I'll be sharing the best of everything I've learned over many years as an entrepreneur, author, coach and advisor, as much as the things I'm working on right here, right now.

To find out more about everything that’s included in my BIZ CLUB you can check out the information page via this link, but as a brief summary, this is what you’ll be getting:

  • A Monthly Theme - this gives us an aspect of our business to focus on each month.
  • Deep Dive Masterclasses - we need to be growing, learning, being challenged.
  • An exclusive BIZ CLUB only Podcast - this is where we're going to focus on developing soft skills. 
  • Our own Facebook Community - I'm going to build a really deeply engaged, proactive community of business owners.
  • Business Showcases - I love sharing stories of smart businesses doing great things, where we can all learn.
  • Guest Experts - who are very topic specific.
  • Monthly Webinars - where we can workshop what I'm teaching and sharing with you.
  • Business Challenges - let's be honest, we all need a good challenge in our lives to make progress.
  • Special Offers - this will be for my products and services as offers from other people and other organisations.

Now this is all going to be available for a monthly price of $199. When you think about what this could do for your business, it’s a pretty amazing opportunity in my opinion. But wait for it - there is more.

To celebrate the launch of my BIZ CLUB, I’ve got a super special deal for the first one hundred people who join. The price is $1495 flat for 12 months. Which is a great saving, and it makes your BIZ CLUB membership about $29 a week. Now if I can’t give you $29 a week worth of value then I’m in the wrong game. In fact I’m absolutely positive that over the course of a year, I’ll be giving you tens of thousands of dollars worth of value, if not more.

But there’s more. Those of you who buy my FIRST 100 special offer - are going to get more.

  • You have your own exclusive FIRST 100 membership number which will give you access to special offers, random prize draws and other goodies throughout the year.
  • You will also have direct input with regards to the content that you want me to cover, the specific knowledge that you want and the skills you want to learn. Which means you will drive the curriculum of the programme.
  • You will also get first access to new products, programmes, ideas, knowledge, models and frameworks that I create.

So there are plenty of reasons to join my BIZ CLUB and especially to be one of the FIRST 100. Clearly there can only be 100 of the FIRST 100 spaces. If you want to save a few dollars and get some special benefits - jump on this now.


The BIZ CLUB officially launches on the 8th of October. You’ll get access to the first round of information and the Facebook community then. Of course if you just want the onging monthly membership of $199, you'll be able to sign up and join from the 8th of October. I'll let you know how to do that a little closer to the date.

If you want more of me in your world - then joining my BIZ CLUB and being one of the FIRST 100 is the best way to do it. I’d love to have the opportunity to help you grow a true business of substance in every way.


PS And just in case you need a little more of an incentive - I've got a special "THANK YOU" event for all FIRST 100 members - I've engaged Keith Abraham, one of the absolute best speakers in Australia to do an exclusive 90 minute event on "Building the business of your dreams". Now anyone who knows Keith, knows just how extraordinary he is - Speaker of the Year, Educator of the Year, Author of 5 books - the list goes on and on. And this is his new keynote topic for 2022 - we get to take it for test run. This is FREE for FIRST 100 members - and this will be happening on October 21st at 12pm SYD/MEL time. For more details check out the video below.




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