Welcome to my “AG BIZ CLUB” official information and sign up page. This is a project I’ve been planning and working on for quite some time. And if I was going to sum it up, I would say that my club is designed for one key purpose, and that is to help people of substance to build businesses of substance.

Please take a few minutes to read through what the BIZ CLUB is all about. I think you’ll see really quickly that this is an extraordinary product that will prove invaluable to any business owner who is truly committed to building a rock solid, successful on every level, kind of business.

I really hope that we get the chance to work together.
Andrew Griffiths

As business owners, sometimes we need to stop and take a breath.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly found that being a small business has become a lot more complicated in recent years. I bought my first business when I was 18 (a very long time ago), and I thought it was complicated back then. Little did I know.

You might be like me, working your small business hard. But do you love it, does it give you what you want, is it a hard slog or are you leaping out of bed in the morning, excited and full of beans about the day ahead?

Are you struggling to keep up with technology, social media and consumer trends? Are you inundated with conflicting advice and information that really has become noise now more than anything else?

Are you sick of hearing the word hustle? Or grind? Or funnels? Or scale? What do these even mean? In a world obsessed with startups, what about the businesses that are not startups? Where the business owner wants to build a business of substance as opposed to something shallow, lacking in any significance and one that treats its customers like sheep as opposed to giving them the respect they deserve?

If you've had enough of all of that, I'd like to offer an alternative.

I've been Planning My Biz Club, down to the smallest detail, for a long time

The BIZ CLUB has been on the drawing board for some time. As I travelled around the world, meeting and working with business owners from every corner of the planet, I've had the growing realisation that the word of small business has become complex and complicated. Overwhelm is an issue, overworking is an issue, lack of profit is an issue, keeping up with technology is an issue and staying relevant with our customers is a major issue.

I’ve been trying to find answers to all of these challenges through my books, my writing and my speaking, and I think I’ve helped a lot of business owners over many years. But I wanted something more, something that was totally inclusive, where I could share my knowledge, experience and the things I’m learning and working on right now, as much as what I've learned in the past, with a group of motivated, energetic small business owners in a truly powerful way, and that’s what the AG BIZ CLUB is all about.

The 5 Key
strategies of the biz club

From my experience in business, there are 5 components that we need to work on to build a truly successful and sustainable business. If we only work on one or two, we will always end up struggling and not quite achieving what we want to achieve. As you can tell from the diagram below building a business of substance requires 5 key elements.

1. Foundational Strategies

I’ve always found that when I have key strategies that keep me focused and on track, my business works. As soon as I take my focus away from these key strategies, things go pear-shaped. I have 7 key strategies that have helped me do what I do and these are what we will be working on in the BIZ CLUB. They are the fundamentals of future-proofing yourself and your business.

  1. Learn, unlearn and relearn -the mantra for the modern business.
  2. Constantly evolving communication.
  3. Someone has to be the most expensive why not make it you?
  4. Make the move from customer transactions to customer experiences.
  5. Build an extraordinary community.
  6. Create a bulletproof reputation.
  7. Win the war for relevance.

2. Skill Development

Once we have our foundational strategies clear, we need to be working towards skill development. And we all know just how many skills we actually need to run a successful business. There are 7 key skill sets that we are going to work on in the BIZ CLUB:

  1. Developing the right strategies and even better plans.
  2. Productivity - the art of getting the right things done at the right time.
  3. Managing projects - the better we are at this the more we will achieve.
  4. Money, money, money - master this and you’re ninety percent successful.
  5. Creating content that builds engagement, community and reputation.
  6. Learning how to sell yourself and your products with conviction.
  7. Marketing and media - old school and new school - we need both.
  8. People power - get this right or get this wrong - the ramifications are enormous.
  9. The "love it or hate" world of technology.

3. Personal Growth

One of the keys to my success over a long period of time has been my constant and never ending commitment to become the best version of myself that I possibly can be. I work on this daily. The business owners I’ve encountered around the world who have built extraordinary businesses share this commitment and they work on personal and professional growth every single day. We will be doing a lot of personal growth and development.

4. Empowering Community

If you’ve been a part of a supportive, positive and empowering community of like minded people, you already know how extraordinary it can be. I have the great pleasure of working with incredible people, I attract people who are positive, energetic and committed and that’s the kind of community I want to build as part of the BIZ CLUB. This will be a forum to share ideas, ask questions and find solutions to problems, whilst at the same time being inspired and motivated by the groups energy.

5. Curated Content

I think you get the drift, it’s comprehensive right? I have a fantastic eLearning platform (KAJABI) where the videos, recordings, articles etc, will get posted so you can access them whenever you want. But I’m also going to do a regular “AG BIZ CLUB” exclusive podcast, with a focus on personal growth and development for BIZ CLUB Members. I’ll be doing interviews and business showcases, where we can learn from other really smart businesses around the world, plus guest experts sharing their wisdom, monthly webinars for you to ask questions, a private Facebook group for us to share, support and ask the bigger questions - and much, much more. Sound’s pretty extraordinary right? Well it is.

Save Time...

This is clearly a comprehensive, ongoing programme, but in reality, having this information and advice in the one place is going to save you lots of time.

The 9 Elements that make up the BIZ CLUB

It's pretty obvious that we have plenty of information, advice and knowledge that needs to be shared as part of the BIZ CLUB - so how exactly am I going to do this I hear you ask? Well I have 9 elements that I’ll be focusing on, and you’ll get access to all of this as part of your monthly membership.

The Big Promise

I’ll make it really simple. My aim here is give you every single thing you will need to build a successful business. One that gives you everything you want and need. I’m constantly working on my business, I’m really clear about what I want and what I don’t want.

My promise is that I’m going to share my absolute best learnings, realisations, observations, strategies, skills and knowledge with my club members. I don’t want to work with you for a year, I want to be working with you for as long as you are in business and as long as I’m breathing.

To do that, I have to deliver. And believe me, I will.

Why Work with me?

You might be reading this because you know me, perhaps you’ve read one of my books or been to an event where I’ve spoken. In other words you know who I am and the kind of advice I offer. But if you’ve never heard of me before, you’re probably wondering who I am and what kind of credibility do I have? If that's the case for you, please indulge me for a second, and I’ll give you a little background.

I’m Australia’s #1 small business author, with 14 best selling business books, sold in over 65 countries,  I’ve been a successful entrepreneur and business owner for over 35 years. For the last 20 years, I’ve been working with organisations around the world, helping small business owners to overcome challenges, to start and to grow the businesses that they are proud of and that give them the lifestyle they want.

I’ve worked with hundreds of organisations as diverse as The European Union, CBS, Hewlett Packard and many more, to create business building programmes around the world. I've been interviewed on many media channels over 500 times, on ways to do business better. 

I’ve also created an incredible amount of content, having been a contributor for leading organisations including INC, CBS, Newscorp and many other media platforms for a very long time. In amongst that I’ve delivered over 750 presentations on business strategy in 25 countries around the world.

So whilst I never say that I’ve got all the answers, I do have a very unique perspective, a depth of experience and knowledge, and a “finger on the pulse” approach to helping business owners grow the businesses that they want.

10 Reasons

to join the ag biz club

If you need any more convincing that this is the best value business building product you’re ever going to come across, here are 10 reasons why joining my AG BIZ CLUB is a really smart move:

  1. I have one purpose with the BIZ CLUB - that’s to help you build the business you want and the business you deserve. I’ve been helping people to do exactly that for many years. You get the ideas and strategies that I’ve used successfully in the past, as well as the cutting edge ideas that I’m working on right now.

  2. I have access to incredible data, resources, trends and other hugely valuable information that you are going to find so important in growing your business. My aim is to be the one-stop shop for you when it comes to information and advice.

  3. One of the biggest issues that we face today is overwhelm from too much information. I’m going to share the right information, in a relevant way, to save you time and to stop you from getting overwhelmed and overloaded. I’m going to curate the information that I think you will find valuable.

  4. I’ve got a proven track record as a successful entrepreneur and business owner for 35 years. I’ve worked with literally thousands of business owners just like you, around the world. I know where businesses go wrong, the warning signs as much as the routines and rituals for success. I’ll share them all with you.

  5. I’m about helping people to build quality businesses, that are profitable and that give the business owners the things they want. I’m not about hustling, scale for no reason, funnels and all of the other over inflated promises - I’m about substance.

  6. You’re going to have access to a like-minded community, something that is hugely important. We all need a group of peers to help us, support us and guide us.

  7. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that I’m all about integrity. My personal brand means everything to me, I’ve spent decades building it and I will protect if fiercely. That means I am always about over-delivering. The BIZ CLUB will be no different.

  8. I have access to a network of leading experts and subject matter authorities who I know will gladly share their knowledge with my BIZ CLUB members.

  9. The BIZ CLUB provides information, ideas, strategies, examples, case studies along with motivation and inspiration - in a manageable monthly way. You are not in this business journey by yourself. I’ll be there with you.

  10. If there is something worth knowing in business, I’ll make sure you know it. Simple as that. I’m the one creating the content, it isn’t just a pile of old stuff thrown into some kind of membership platform - it’s me, creating materials, information, strategies, ideas - everything, right here right now.

Sounds pretty good right?

but the Big Question
is how much?



This is a great investment when you consider what you will get and what you will become a part of. My thinking is that it's up to me to make the BIZ CLUB such incredible value that you will never think of leaving.

OPTION 1-  Pay $199 Per month.

OPTION 2 - Pay $1995 Per Year and save $400


OK, you’ve read all of the information, it sounds like exactly like the type of thing you want to be a part of, but you're still hesitating. Let me make a promise. My aim is really simple, to make this my #1 product. I want to work with a group of like-minded people, helping them to build the businesses they want and deserve. I want to channel my best thinking, my best experience, the things I’m working on now, and the things I’ll be working on tomorrow, into one place, and my BIZ CLUB is that place.

I’m absolutely committed to making this such incredible value that you will be a member for many years to come. And that’s up to me to make that happen. It’s all about value and relevance, and I’m going to work every day to ensure I give you incredible value and I stay relevant to you and your business. There is no greater commitment that I can make from here.

I hope you’ll join my BIZ CLUB and really get the maximum benefit and value. Remember, I work with people of substance to build businesses of substance.

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