When It Comes To Workshops...

There are two main ways that we can work together

I really enjoy doing workshops and I do a lot of them. To me there is nothing like spending a day with a motivated, enthusiastic group of people keen to learn new skills and develop both professionally and personally.

I have two options when it comes to workshops. You can attend one that I am running or you can get me to come and teach a specific workshop for your organisation. Either way I guarantee a huge amount of knowledge will be shared, which means great value all round.


The Workshops I'm Running at the Moment

I love creating workshops and I am developing new ones all the time. Right at the moment, these are what's hot:

October 2020

SPEAKER 2.0 - 4 Day Retreat - for people wanting to develop their speaker skills and their speaker business.

November 2020

AUTHOR ACADEMY - 4 Day retreat for people wanting to write their first non fiction book. Get clear on your book idea, develop your structure and put a detailed writing plan together.

Small Businesses are from Mars,
Corporations are from Venus

This one-day workshop has a very specific purpose - to teach big business how to communicate with small business. To be more specific I want to show your organisation how to find more small business customers, keep them for longer, and encourage them to spend more and get them to refer you.

For more information, check this out!

How about a workshop custom-designed to
your business?

Perhaps you are looking for something specific to your own business? I have developed and delivered a huge range of customised workshops for both small businesses and corporations alike.

These have been around creating extraordinary customer experiences, marketing, communication skills, engagement, sales skills, storytelling, presentation skills and writing copy that gets read.

So if you would like to explore having me come and do a customised workshop for your team, drop me a line.

How about spending 4 days with me building your skills as an
Author or Speaker

I’ve been teaching others to become professional speakers for some time now. This started with teaching basic speaking skills, right through to teaching people about the business of being a professional speaker (and isn’t that a big topic). I started runnnga 4 day retreat called Speaker 2.0 several years ago, designed to help people rapidly speed up their speaker trajectory through an intensive speaker training experience. The group size is small, capped at 15 people to ensure that everyone attending can get one on one time with me. I like to make absolutely certain that everyone leave the retreat with a very clear and detailed plan of attack to help them grow their speaker business. I run Speaker 2.0 retreats through out the year in Australia and in Bali - you can find out more by visiting my events page and clicking on the retreat that you are interested in.

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Pretty much every day someone comes up to me and says that they want to write a book. So many people do, but the problem is they don’t know where to start. In the past 5 years, I’ve personally coached and mentored well over 500 people to write and publish their first book. These books are across every topic imaginable (all non-fiction), and they are truly world class. Today I run a very special 4-day retreat called AUTHOR ACADEMY for aspiring authors. I run these in Australia and Bali. They really are powerful and perfect for anyone serious about getting their book written. To find out more simply go to my events page and click on the retreat that you are interested in.

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What If You Can't Make It To A Workshop?

Technology is such a game changer when it comes to sharing knowledge. Webinars in particular are enjoying a resurgence and these days I do a lot of them. Sometimes I run my own webinars, sharing relevant information for small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers.

I also get commissioned by various companies to do webinars. They sponsor the webinar and get exposure, I develop the topic, the visual presentation, the content and market the webinar. Last but not least I deliver it to the audience. Recently I've done webinars for Telstra, Optus, Officeworks and HP.

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