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Being interviewed as an authority on your specific area of expertise is a great way to build your brand and by association your business. But how well do you actually interview? Are you really portraying yourself the way you’d like to? And would you like to feel more confident in any interview situation?

Over the past 20 years I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times, across every media from major television shows to national newspapers, radio shows, magazines and of course podcasts. I was getting interviews because I was an author, but I didn’t really know what to do in an interview. And it showed.

I started to really study how other people acted and what they said during interviews. And I soon realised there was a lot to learn. But I also realised that there were some simple strategies that can really make a difference. And that’s what this webinar is all about.

So I teamed up with Tracy Sheen, The Digital Guide (she teaches people how to conduct interviews), to talk about my framework to help people be better prepared when they are being interviewed and to share some simple skills and advice to really help improve interview technique.

It’s only 60 minutes, it’s free and I guarantee you’ll get some really practical advice that is going to help you really look like a professional every time you get interviewed. And of course the big upside to this is that the better you come off during an interview, the more likely you are to be asked back again. 



PS Tracy runs a 6 week "How to become a world-class interviewer" programme - if you want to develop your interviewing skills. This is great for anyone who podcasts or creates any kind of content involving interviews. Check it out here - FIND OUT MORE.





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