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The Business of Being a Professional Speaker


Sydney - melbourne - brisbane

Presented by

Andrew Griffiths

Aspiring Pro Speakers Have lots of questions...

I want to be a paid speaker
but I just don't know
where to start, help!

How much should I charge?

How can I work
with speaking

What are the pitfalls of
being a professional

What paperwork
should I have?

How do I get more

This one day workshop is the only one of its kind in australia. It is ideal for anyone wanting to become a paid speaker or grow thier income as a professional speaker.

If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, and enjoying all of the benefits that this creates, this is the workshop for you. The information I am going to share is hugely valuable, totally current and one hundred percent relevant. This is fifteen years of lessons in the speaking industry compressed into a one day workshop.

~ Andrew Griffiths

There are plenty of programmes that teach you presentation skills (and I strongly suggest that you do one if you haven't), however there are very few specialised workshops that teach you about the business of being a professional speaker. So you can spend the next 10 years trying to figure it out, and struggling like most speakers do, or you can invest in a one day workshop that will answer these and many other questions about the speaking business, from one of the most respected professional speakers in the industry.

the topics that andrew will cover include:

What does it really mean to be a professional speaker?

  • Here's my business model - what’s yours?
  • What should you be speaking about?
  • Your first job?

Getting Paid

  • What should you charge from the start?
  • Should you do free speaking gigs or not?
  • When should you put your speaking fees up?
  • How do you increase your rates?
  • Dealing with vague enquiries - what is the protocol?

Organising Yourself

  • Having the right paperwork to protect you
  • Marketing yourself as a speaker
  • Working with speaking bureaus
  • Working internationally as a speaker
  • If it is too good to be true - it is too good to be true - the standard scams targeting speakers

Marketing and Promo

  • What promotional material do you need?
  • Developing your speakers kit
  • There are a lot of speakers out there, how do you stand out from the crowd
  • You need to ask really good questions before you turn up at the event

Being Amazing!

  • What makes an awesome paid speaker?
  • Working with venues and AV people - don't be one of "those" speakers
  • How to get rave reviews from your clients
  • What about selling from stage?
  • Staying relevant over the years
  • It's all about building relationships
  • And much more!

Australia's #1!

Andrew Griffiths is Australia’s #1 small business and entrepreneurial author with 12 books now sold in over 60 countries.

He has been presenting around the world for the past 15 years, on topics as diverse at entrepreneurialism, self development, publishing, marketing and presentation skills. Every year his paid speaking calendar is full, he gets a lot of repeat work and he has very strong views on the ethics and integrity required to be a world class speaker.

In this information-rich one day workshop, Andrew is going to give you all of the information you will need to help get your speaking career started or if you are already getting paid for speaking, show you how to generate more jobs and improve your income overall.

Rest assured Andrew won't be holding anything back, calling it as he see's it in every way.

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