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 A 12 Week LIVE but VIRTUAL Programme with Andrew Griffiths.


To say a lot has changed in the last 18 months really is the understatement of the year isn’t it? To me this means that we've all got to adapt and evolve and learn how to do business in this new world. And that is very relevant for speakers, trainers and presenters.

Whilst we may not be hosting big live events for a while yet, rest assured there are plenty of speaking opportunities out there still, because there will always be a demand for knowledge and expertise to be shared. In many ways, I see this demand growing - and that means that as speakers, we are in a new world with more opportunities, not less.

The key is to learn new skills that give us a strong competitive advantage, in this case in the speaker space. Moving to virtual events and presentations has many pros and cons, and certainly, not everyone is able to do it. Just like live speaking, there are plenty of people trying to do it, but not a lot of world-class virtual presenters, trainers and speakers.

I don’t have the slightest doubt that the ability to connect and engage an audience and transfer skills and knowledge will always be vitally important. And those who develop their skills in this space will be in demand. We just need to broaden our skill set to include doing the same in the virtual arena.

I’ve developed a global reputation as a speaker and presentation skills trainer and coach. I’m adapting and evolving, and to be honest, apart from not getting on planes and going to present at live events, I haven’t really noticed a dramatic change in my revenue or demand for what I do. It has just gone virtual, with some face to face events starting to come back on board.

At the same time, I've adapted and evolved both my offer and my sales process. I've defined what it takes to be a successful speaker in the new world and developed the framework below as the core essence of my training in this new world. In reality, speaking is speaking, all that's changed is the platform. And the modern successful speaker needs to develop a broader skill set than we've had before. And I'm all about teaching people to do exactly that.


About my new programme - Speaker 2.0 Virtual Programme.

I’ve got no doubt that the world of speaking has changed for the foreseeable future. In time I’m sure we will be doing face to face speaking at events, but they will probably be smaller events, workshops, seminars and retreats. But now, all speakers need to have a very clear virtual speaking offer and they also need to develop their virtual speaking skills. And that’s how this programme has evolved.

I’ve combined both my face to face speaker training with a host of new virtual skills - and put them into one 12 week programme, that I think is going to blow you away, with both its depth and its detail.

Who is this programme suited for?

Really it’s for anyone who wants to take their speaking and presenting to a higher level. In this programme I’ll be covering a lot of ground, designed to improve both your speaker and presentation skills as well as build your speaker business. People of all skill levels will be doing the programme and rest assured, wherever you are in your speaker career, you will get enormous value. Of course I always customise my programmes to make sure that different needs are met and the same applies here, once I know why you're doing the programme, I'll do my utmost to make sure you get all of the information and advice that you need.

So if you want to -

  • Develop your speaker skills regardless of what level speaker you are right now
  • Learn new skills around structure, stage craft, storytelling, energy mapping and audience engagement
  • Know more about the business side of speaking
  • Become a more engaging virtual speaker
  • Understand more of the tech that goes with speaking
  • Learn to develop your own speaker persona not just become a speaker clone
  • Work out the right products to sell as a speaker
  • Create world class slide decks
  • Become buyable as a speaker

Then this is the programme for you.

All of the details about the 12 week programme can be found below. If you’ve got any questions feel free to drop me a line at email/info)(andrewgriffiths.com.au. And scroll down to the bottom of the page if you’d like to see what people say about my speaker training.

If you see speaking, presenting or training as key skill to develop either for your career or your business, and you're ready to really develop these skills for both virtual and live events, this is without a doubt the training programme for you.


PS If you’ve read the info and you’re ready to sign up - CLICK HERE.



"Andrew is my go-to guy when it comes to professional speaking. I've learned from him live, on webinars and one-on-one zoom training. What's most impressive about him is the speed at which he moves to stay on top of current trends. Whether you're a professional speaker struggling under the current climate or a speaker who wants to go pro - do yourself a favour and join Andrew's Speaker 2.0 Virtual Programme. It has my highest recommendation.”

David Jenyns, Founder, Systemology


ORIENTATION SESSION - Tuesday 28th September 1pm SYD/MEL (90 minutes).

To launch the programme I’ll host a 90-minute live webinar where we will map out the weeks ahead, how to use the eLearning platform and cover all relevant information. One key element of this introductory session will be talking about the opportunities that exist for speakers today. We will also be doing a deeper dive on this session about what it is you are going to be talking about as a speaker.


I’ll be running a live Master Class every two weeks over ZOOM where will be doing a very deep dive on the following key topics: 

  1. Regardless of the presentation you are doing - you need an extraordinary presentation structure.
  2. The 10 step game-changing framework for developing and delivering any presentation - virtual or live.
  3. It’s time to get serious about product development - and there has never been a better time to develop your product architecture.
  4. Selling yourself as a speaker has never been more important. Selling ourselves in this evolving environment requires a new approach.
  5. It’s time to talk about stagecraft, what is it - and how does it apply to the virtual world
  6. Bringing this all together - developing your 12-month speaker plan.

The dates for the LIVE MASTER CLASSES are as follows (they will all be conducted on ZOOM and they are all recorded if you can't make a session).

  • Master Class #1 - 1pm - 3pm - Tuesday 5th October (2 hours)
  • Master Class #2 - 1pm - 3pm - Tuesday 19th October (2 hours)
  • Master Class #3 - 1pm - 3pm - Tuesday 2nd November (2 hours)
  • Master Class #4 - 1pm - 3pm - Tuesday 16th November (2 hours)
  • Master Class #5 - 1pm - 3pm - Tuesday 30th November (2 hours)
  • Master Class #6 - 1pm - 3pm - Tuesday 14th December (2 hours)


Every week I’ll be posting an eLearning module addressing a range of key topics to help grow your speaker skills and your speaker business. These are not live sessions, the material will be posted onto the eLearning platform and you will be notified when it is ready to work through.

  1. Masterful storytelling is essential to being a successful speaker.
  2. Your slide deck has just got even more important - regardless of speaking live or virtually.
  3. The business of being a speaker - it’s changed, what do we need to know?
  4. The tech side of speaking - everything from the right apps to building a studio.
  5. Running world class webinars that people will pay you for.
  6. Not all workshops are created equally - how to be better than the rest.
  7. Multi days events - retreats, conferences, seminars. A great opportunity.
  8. Growing and developing as a speaker including collaboration.
  9. In a virtual world, your voice is one of your most important tools.
  10. What to wear - virtually and in real life as a speaker.
  11. Creating videos commercially and for your own self promotion.
  12. Every speaker needs a community - made up of peers and fans.


I will host 3 live webinars during the programme which will be an opportunity for all participants to talk about the information we have covered to date, share their own experiences and ask questions. The dates for the live webinars listed below. They are all recorded. 

  • Orientation Webinar - 28th September 1pm - 2.30pm ZOOM.


Throughout the programme, I will be sharing 12 interviews that I’ve conducted with other speakers who have an area of speciality that you will find hugely valuable. Learn about neuroscience, authenticity, selling yourself as a speaker, looking after your voice and much more. These are some of the most successful speakers in Australia and topic-specific experts, sharing powerful and practical knowledge for new and aspiring speakers alike.


Everyone will be required to do some practical speaking exercises, taking the virtual nature of the world into consideration. I’ll be giving direct feedback to everyone as part of these exercises.


Over the course of the programme you will receive many resources and tools that will help you to grow and develop as a speaker - one who is on the path to becoming world-class.


We will have a private Facebook group to share information, ask questions, get feedback and build our connection and community.


And last but not least, I’m also going to do a “A YEARS WORTH OF MY BEST SPEAKER TIPS” podcast for participants. You will get a complete set of 52 weekly tips where I share some of my best ideas, realisations, tips and tricks to help you grow as a speaker and build a speaking business.


There are two options for being involved in the programme.

OPTION 1 - Do the full programme - $2995.00 or $1295 per month over 3 months BOOK HERE.

OPTION 2 - Do the full programme - PLUS do a 3 month 1:1 coaching programme with me after the programme to develop your speaker business. We will work out your specific goals and aspirations and develop a customised 3 month programme to work on the key areas that you need to focus on. Total price for the programme and the 1:1 coaching with me is $5995.00 or $1295 per month over 6 months BOOK HERE.

If you've got any questions, feel free to drop me a line at email/ag)(andrewgriffiths.com.au. And just a reminder, the programme kicks off on Tuesday 28th September at 1pm with the orientation session.


Andrew Griffiths



“Lots of people aspire to become Speakers, with visions of exotic international travel and packed audiences hanging on their every word. The reality of becoming a successful speaker is a little different. It’s about understanding and honing your craft, being crystal clear on your message, learning how to entertain, engage and inspire a group of people in a short space of time.
No-one I know has more experience and authority about the art of being a great Speaker than Andrew Griffiths. When I first met Andrew I had never been paid to speak before, now I’m a regular and in-demand speaker for corporate events across ANZ and beyond. I credit much of my success to listening to, learning and apply the lessons which Andrew taught me. If you aspire to stand on a stage and communicate your message to audiences far and wide, let Andrew become your guide and mentor, as he did for me.”

Cian McLoughlin, Best-selling Business Author and International Keynote Speaker

“Andrew goes above and beyond to make me a better speaker. I had the delight (and incredible challenge) of speaking at the same conference with him last year (a surreal, Master Po and young grasshopper moment). Andrew watched me from the balcony and afterwards congratulated me on my talk and then proceeded to share a half dozen: this was great, you did this well and here is where you can improve and think about doing this differently next time....pieces of advice. He had taken notes and referenced these with his advice, so it was very specific insightful feedback. Andrew will be your most supportive, encouraging fan but also the person you can rely on to continue to give you real, candid, genuine feedback to help you grow - this is exactly what you need or you will never get better.”

Kate Christie, Director and Founder, Time Stylers.

“A few months ago I had the wonderful privilege to speak on the same stage as my mentor. It was hugely inspiring to be able to witness Andrew “walking the talk” as he integrated many of the tools he has taught me into a presentation that resulted in a standing ovation from an engaged audience. One of Andrew’s many qualities is his massive generosity with sharing his knowledge and experience. I have been the beneficiary of that over a number of years and it was special to see it in action at the conference - not only when he was on the stage but before and after as he interacted with delegates, organisers and other speakers. I am delighted to recommend Andrew Griffiths on many fronts - a special person, an inspiring speaker and a generous and caring mentor.”

Chris Robb, Speaker, Author - Mass Participation World

“Andrew has given me the confidence to speak from the heart and a simple framework that works every since time, online and offline. I will always be grateful."

Fran Connolly, Author, Speaker

"Andrew's workshop on the Business of Being a Professional Speaker highlighted the 'one percenters' that top speakers do to elevate themselves from the pack to get more lucrative and more consistent bookings."

Adam Franklin - Social media speaker and Amazon #1 bestselling co-author of Web Marketing That Works www.adamfranklin.com.au

“Until I attended Andrew's Speaker 2.0, I was a very reluctant public speaker. I always thought it was something you either had a natural talent for or you didn't – and I certainly didn't. But Andrew has an approach you can learn that will turn you into a confident public speaking professional. Since Speaker 2.0, I have been asked to give more and more presentations. They are being very well received, are a growing part of our business, and I now actually enjoy public speaking."

Michael Hanrahan, Director of Publishing, Publish Central

“Are you even a speaker if you haven’t done one of Andrew’s courses? Just do it, you won’t regret it.”

Bree James, Author, Speaker, Visioneer.

"Andrew is my go-to guy when it comes to professional speaking. I've learned from him live, on webinars and one-on-one zoom training. What's most impressive about him is the speed at which he moves to stay on top of current trends. Whether you're a professional speaker struggling under the current climate or a speaker who wants to go pro - do yourself a favor and join Andrew's Speaker 2.0 Virtual Programme. It has my highest recommendation.”

David Jenyns, Founder, Systemology

"AG's speaker framework was a real eye-opener and a tool I've used ever since. I loved the opportunity to trial a different style of speaking (with humour) that I wouldn't have had the courage to put into the world without testing it in a safe environment."

Amanda Fisher - CFO, Mentor, Author and Educator.

"Andrew's speaker training is tied in first place for the best investment I've made to date. The other training? His author retreat.”

Eric Winters - Speaker and Author, Swipe Right on Your Best Life.

“Andrew Griffiths taught me the business side of being a professional speaker. I’ve worked with Andrew Griffiths for 4 years. His advice, support and mentoring has been instrumental in becoming an award-winning international speaker. I loved learning the nitty-gritty business side of becoming a professional speaker. Andrew’s generosity in sharing what really happens was invaluable.”

Katrina Mc Carter, International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist. www.katrinamccarter.com
“I first saw Andrew speak in 2013. I will never forget that presentation - he opened my eyes to the true power of impactful speaking. Since then I have had the privilege of learning so much through Andrew’s coaching and workshops. Andrew has a unique skill in helping others find their voice, confidence and authenticity on stage. As a result of my work with Andrew, I have built a business around speaking professionally. I can’t recommend Andrew’s training in this area highly enough.”

Clarissa Rayward - Author, Speaker and Family Lawyer

"Andrew is a world-class teacher and mentor. Even being in the same room as him is inspiring. I participated in his Speaker 2.0 training retreat and it far exceeded all my expectations (and they were high). I walked away from that training feeling confident, excited and full to the brim with knowledge, resources, and a solid strategy to be the best speaker I could be.  Shortly after our retreat finished the whole world shut down as the global corona pandemic hit.  I had speaking gigs lined up in 3 continents for the year and was nervous how things were going to play out for speakers. However given all the tools Andrew taught us I have been able to maintain my speaking gigs (although not in person), pivot in a way that has served both my business and my reputation and I have even booked a few extra presentations I did not have lined up before. The tools Andrew brings to the table are invaluable no matter what the situation is. Being his student/mentee simply makes you better at what you do”.

Kate Reardon
BHsc (Naturopathy) BHsc (Nutritional Medicine) Author, keynote speaker, podcast host, intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher and Founding Director of the global multi-award winning Natural Instinct Healing Health Retreat in Bali.

“Andrew has mastered the art of speaking and he generously shares his knowledge, frameworks, support and guidance to help his students grow and excel at speaking. Working with Andrew in Speaker 2.0 transformed my skills as a speaker and as a result my consulting business. He has an incredible way of making the complex simple and providing it in frameworks that consistently work and are easy to apply time and again to my presentations. He really is the coach that helps make his students become the heroes and develop their own successful speaking business.”

Ally Muller, Founder GOYA Consulting, Author, Speaker.

“I have attended every one of Andrew's speaker training events, from The Business Of Being A Speaker through to Speaker 3.0.

Clearly, I'm getting value and enjoying the training, because I keep going back.  That's because I keep learning from Andrew, and he constantly pushes me to improve. I thought I was an ok speaker when I first met AG, but the more I learn, the more I realise how little I know. The depth of Andrew's knowledge is immense and his generosity in sharing that knowledge is a unique feature of his training events.

I am pursuing more engagements as a professional speaker, but I would also recommend Andrew's training to anyone who needs to speak in public - not necessarily as a paid speaker.

And apart from AG's knowledge and professionalism as a mentor and teacher, he's a genuinely A1, first-class human being.  Your life, as well as your speaking, will be a lot better for hanging out with AG for a few days.”

Bronwyn Reid - Author and Speaker.

“Andrew is one of the most compelling and authentic speakers I’ve ever witnessed. When I decided to invest in my own professional speaking I could think of no one better than Andrew to coach me on the skills required. His 30-year career as a speaker across multiple industries and countries gives him the authority and ‘runs on the board’ I was looking for. His coaching style is easy to engage with and his desire to see each of his clients succeed is genuine. I’ve continued to work with Andrew since Speaker 2.0, and it’s been through his guidance I can say speaking is now part of my owner all income stream.”

Tracy Sheen, Author, Speaker, Advisor - The Digital Guide

“I’ve always loved sharing stories, but Andrew Griffiths made me a professional speaker. At his Speaker Retreat, he gave me the creative structure and direction I was looking for, to refine my craft and create the change that I seek to make in the world. I use what he taught me every single time I present to a group. As a coach, Andrew has given me insights to the business of speaking that have spared me a great deal of trial and error. Not only has it made me a better presenter, it has also made me the type of speaker that event organisers love to deal with – professional, engaging, relevant and receptive."

Sarah Powell - Speaker and founder of Shadowbox

“An incredible speaking experience that puts you in the driver's seat, taking you behind the scenes to develop your own speaking ability.  This course is packed with plenty to offer, including interactive participation, setting you up ready to take your speaking live.”

Dr Brett Lillie

“I attended Andrew’s Speaker 2.0 retreat in 2017. Before signing up, I had doubts about whether I had what it took to be a good speaker, but I was sure that the training would give me the answer. Just like at any other of Andrew’s events, I’ve learnt more about the subject than I could have imagined. I was challenged and supported. I gained a lot of confidence in my speaking skills and realised the number of opportunities I could tap into. It was also lovely to be part of a group of inspiring people – we had a wonderful time together and some of us became good friends. Something unexpected also happened. The training launched me on a journey of self-discovery. Over the following months, I learned a lot about myself and became clearer about what was important to me. This experience helped me become not only a more authentic speaker but also a better writer and a more empathetic person.”

Anetta Pizag

“I attended the presentation skills workshop you conducted for BDO staff in July.  I just want to report to a success story following the training.
I was scheduled to run a webinar through CCIQ about six weeks after your workshop, and I used a lot of your teachings in preparing for it. In particular, I made sure my webinar was loaded with stories (it was about fraud so I had plenty of material). The webinar went really well, and we had an above-average audience with zero people dropping off during the session.  That is apparently unheard of CCIQ assure me. Because the webinar was so successful I was then asked to present an abridged version at CCIQ’s quarterly breakfast function this morning. The idea of speaking for 25 minutes in front of paying guests was nerve-wracking but by following your method, especially rehearsing it over and over again, I became less and less nervous as the day came closer.  I also visited the venue a day beforehand and it wasn’t as daunting as I had imagined, so again that was a positive from following your method.
The feedback from the presentation this morning has all been positive, and the vibe in the room during it indicated the audience were all engaged and were getting something out of it. So I would just like to say thank you, your workshop and methods definitely helped me deliver two successful presentations."
James Gaustad, Senior Manager - AUDIT, BDO

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