"I work with people of substance
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andrew griffiths, the entrepreneurial futurist


I absolutely love being an Author and a Speaker. These two roles have taken me to 25 countries, delivering hundreds of presentations on all things entrepreneurial. I’ve written 13 books, most of which have become international bestsellers, and been sold in over 65 countries. Book number 14 is coming out this year. And I’ve had the great pleasure of working with everyone from global figures like Richard Branson to leading international organisations including the likes of the European Union.

Over the last ten years, I’ve developed a passion for helping guide other Authors and Speakers to grow their skills and their business. This requires a unique skill set, a lot of structure, experience and the ability to constantly evolve. I’ve helped well over 600 people to write and publish their first book and thousands of people to develop their Speaker skills and Speaker business.

I get the best results by working intensively with my clients in six-month blocks. And this special offer package is the best value option that I'm offering for a limited time.


Most of the people I work with are establishing themselves as Authors and Speakers who typically are in the development stage of their business, or undergoing a change of direction or repositioning. Often they are developing their Author or Speaker business (or both) whilst still operating another business and they need specific advice and coaching to not only keep them on track but also to help with support and skill development in this new space.


The first and most important thing to note is that this a totally customised coaching package. There is no cookie-cutter approach here. It is developed with your unique needs taken into consideration. My role is to help guide you to the outcomes you are seeking.

To get started we have an in-depth strategy session to really clarify your goals and objectives of working with me over a 6 month period. We look at where you are now and what you want to achieve and we develop a plan and a strategy to make this happen.

Once the plan is clear, we start work. This involves two coaching sessions per month, generally conducted over ZOOM. The aim being to make sure we are transferring knowledge and skills as well as staying on track with the specific tasks and projects you want to get done.

You are welcome and encouraged to reach out to me outside of these sessions to touch base or to get specific advice. This is designed as an intensive programme, where you will be making a major leap forward.


Over the 6 months that we will be working together, there are many specific areas of your business that we can work on. Typically I find that most Authors/Speakers are looking for advice and coaching on the following topics:

- Personal brand development
- Book writing and publishing
- Speaker business development
- Working with the media
- Developing knowledge products
- Building an engaged community
- Marketing and social media
- Creating frameworks
- Product architecture development
- Creating unique customer-centric experiences
- Developing workshops, retreats or masterclasses


I’ve been successful as an Author and Speaker for a very long time. I’ve helped literally thousands of people to grow not only their skill set in both spaces but also their businesses. In the time I’ve been doing this I’ve stayed relevant as an Author and Speaker myself, growing my business globally. This means that what I’m teaching you and coaching you on, is current, it works and it is based on a unique combination of experience and knowledge.


This is a high-level programme meaning we will work intensively to achieve your goals and objectives. To get the most out of this programme you need to come prepared to do the work required over the 6 months that we will be working together. The cost is $2,200 per month, or if paid upfront, $11,950.00. You purchase this package here. Or if it is fully booked - you can go on the waitlist by emailing email/info)(andrewgriffiths.com.au.

If you are ready to drive either your Author or your Speaker business, or both, to a higher level, I’m pretty sure if you ask around, you’ll find that I’m the man to help you do it. That’s exactly why I developed this special package. If this sounds like you, go for it.



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