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The Me Myth is my first personal development and growth book. Feedback has been and continues to be, pretty wild, which is really humbling for me. If you'd like to get a personally signed copy you can buy it here. And if you scroll down the page you can see a few of the testimonials that I've received for The Me Myth.

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“Andrew Griffiths, we salute you”


‘Andrew Griffiths is real, raw and relevant’

The Sunday Mail

"Andrew Griffiths has a unique gift. He is one of the greatest communicators of our time. Part philosopher, part futurist and part advocate for entrepreneurs everywhere”

Shelley Evans-Wild, Managing Director, NeuroPower

“Andrew Griffiths is one of the best authorities I know on how to do business better. He is a never ending source of smart information and powerful inspiration’

Brian Haverty, CBS Interactive

“Big on knowledge. Big on passion. Another cracker, Andrew!”

Robert Gerrish, Flying Solo

‘There is no one else like Andrew Griffiths. He’s larger than life, totally driven to help others and he makes doing business a blast’

Anh Do, Author of The Happiest Refugee

‘Andrew Griffiths is an incredibly gifted author and international speaker who is able to take complex business issues and make them easy to understand and even easier to implement. It is no wonder that top business people in 50 countries read and apply his material. Quite simply, the value he provides is immense.”

Blake Beattie, author of Bullseye and founder of Pay it Forward Day

“As a weekly regular on our morning show, Andrew is a wealth of amazing practical strategies to get ahead in life. Totally inspirational”

Liam Renton, Program Director, 96.5 FM Brisbane

“Andrew is an inspirational and charismatic entrepreneur who can communicate the strategies and tactics that will help you get from where you are today to where you want to go”

Sam Harrop, Author, Coach.

“Outstanding book. Fresh perspective of transforming yourself from being a victim of childhood trauma to a person who doesn't blame but seeks to understand self and others. Written in simple language, no BS , it's full of robust compassion and practical ideas. The day we learn that "it's not all about me" is the day we start being a real adult, not a 6 foot child. Inspiring”

Helen Oakwater

“This book has so many life lessons within, packed full of personal insights and guidance, Andrew leads us through his own experiences, and life journey, in some very intimate ways, revealing some of his own life. A great read, a great guide and a great addition to your bookshelf from a sensational author!”

Steve Rutherford

“Excellent publication, Andrew's experiences really put perspective on what I thought were problems. He shines a big light on more than a few home truths.”

Dan Rockford


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