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OK, I know, you sign up for newsletters, get bombarded with all kinds of junk, an email trying to sell you something every five minutes right? And then when you try to unsubscribe they make it impossible. Sound familiar? Rest assured, that isn’t how I roll.

When you get my Business Bullet you will be pleasantly surprised. Firstly, it will have been a while since you heard from me (I only send them out about once a month). I keep the info short, I make it relevant and easy to digest, I share what’s going on in my work and I always look for ways to add value by sharing ideas and resources that I know are helping other business owners and entrepreneurs.

Most importantly, at the bottom of every piece of correspondence you will ever get from me there is a simple unsubscribe button. Sure, I would be hurt, but I will get over it. And it is one click to unsubscribe, not one of those cryptic, impossible to unsubscribe type deals - “please type in your cat's Uncles pre sex change maiden name in Arabic along with the code word for the third space shuttle launch sequence.” I really hate that.

So if you want some great advice, tips and other free stuff, delivered to your inbox, drop your details in the box protected by our cute little super hero. And don't forget I have a pile of other free stuff as well - ebooks, MP3's, videos and much more, all available in the free stuff section at the bottom of the home page.

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Every week I’m going to give away a copy of one of my bestselling books. All you need to do to go into the draw is put your details in the box below. If you win, it will appear in your mailbox. Simple as that.

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