Are you ready to make 2020 a milestone year?

Need some advice and expertise to help along the way?


I think that most of us already feel that 2020 is a milestone year, one where we start a fresh decade with serious intent to achieve the goals that may have been eluding us for a while. But in among all of the craziness that we all deal with on a daily basis, we don't always get everything done that we want to. Sometimes it's a matter of coming up with the right plan, sometimes it's the right strategy to implement. Sometimes we just need someone we trust who can guide us through the process. This is where an experienced and passionate coach and mentor can really help - and this is what I have developed a global reputation for doing.

Over the past 20 years I’ve worked with literally thousands of business owners - helping them to resolve issues in their business, launch products, take advantage of opportunities, expand, manage financial challenges, write books, build speaker businesses, develop marketing strategies and much more. Ask around, you'll find that the feedback to my coaching is very good - because I care, I have a huge amount of experience and getting results for you is my number one priority.

I love coaching and I think the feedback from people is that I’m pretty good at it. Of course, there are only so many people you can coach and sometimes that means that it's not as affordable as you would like it to be. To make things easier, I'm offering a very special choice of coaching packages that can help you make the most of 2020.

There are three package opportunities- 

PACKAGE 1 - 3 Coaching Sessions - Special Price $995 (normally $2985) BUY NOW

A good package to help you map out a project, what you really want to achieve and how you are going to do it.

PACKAGE 2 - 6 Coaching Sessions - Special Price $1795 (normally $5970) BUY NOW

This equates to a Coaching Session every two months if you want to spread them out over 2020. These can be check-ins once we establish your goals and objectives at the beginning of the year, of we can use them intensively on a specific project.

PACKAGE 3 - 12 Coaching Sessions - Special Price $3300 (normally $8995) BUY NOW

This is the best value package - and I'd suggest booking it if you want to have a Coaching Session once per month to keep you on track, to keep you focused, to keep you moving towards your business goals, a project goal or even your personal development goals.

Now these sessions can be used for whatever you need help, advice or support with. Here are a few examples of how people have used them in the past:

  • You might have a specific business issue that you want to resolve once and for all. We will clarify the issue, work out a plan of attack and then implement the plan over our sessions.
  • Developing a yearly marketing focus and then implementing.
  • Working out product architecture and frameworks.
  • Perhaps you have a business opportunity that you want to take advantage of - but you are struggling to get it off the ground. With my advice and coaching we can make it happen.
  • Do you need some with writing your book or even leveraging your book? We can spend out sessions working out a strategy and then having an implementation plan to put into place.
  • You might just like to have a coaching session with me periodically to keep you on track in your business.
  • If you are trying to develop your speaker business, I can offer you specific advice. Generally a few sessions with me can really help to catapult you to where you want to go.
  • You might want to have a monthly coaching session to brainstor on ideas, get feedback or simply check-in to make sure you stay on track.
  • Or you might want some personal development and growth advice on a monthly basis  (I love working with people on this).

Whatever your needs, I am really confident that I can help you to achieve your goals.

Now, this is the way these packages works -

  1. You buy your preferred coaching package with me now and you can use your sessions whenever you want in 2020. These will generally be done over ZOOM or face to face if we can make that work.
  2. Each coaching session is 60 minutes.
  3. You can buy as many of these packages as you want (people sometimes buy them for themselves and also buy a package as a gift for a friend).
  4. I’ll keep track of when you use your sessions, and you have until December 31st 2020 to use them all.

Simple as that. This offer will only stay open for 14 days (closing December 14th, 5pm AEDT) or until all of the packages (10 of each) are sold. So first in best dressed.

If you're ready to grab your package and start working with me, please CLICK HERE.

I'd love the opportunity to work with you and help you make 2020 a truly memorable year.

Cheers - Andrew

“Andrew is an inspirational and charismatic entrepreneur who can communicate the strategies and tactics that will help you get from where you are today to where you want to go”

Sam Harrop, Platinum Coach, Author and Speaker.

“Andrew Griffiths has a unique gift. He is one of the greatest communicators of our time. Part philosopher, part futurist and part advocate for entrepreneurs everywhere”

 Shelley Evans-Wild, Managing Director Neuropower

“Andrew Griffiths is one of the best authorities I know on how to do business better. He is a never-ending source of smart information and powerful inspiration"

 Brian Haverty, CBS Interactive

"Big on knowledge. Big on passion"

Robert Gerrish, Flying Solo

“There is no one else like Andrew Griffiths. He’s larger than life, totally driven to help others and he makes doing business a blast”

Anh Doh

“Andrew Griffiths – we salute you”

Weekend Sunrise

“Andrew Griffiths is an incredibly gifted author and international speaker who is able to take complex business issues and make them easy to understand and even easier to implement. It is no wonder that top business people in 50 countries read and apply his material. Quite simply, the value he provides is immense.”

Blake Beattie – Author, BULLSEYE and Founder of Pay it Forward Day

“Andrew Griffiths knows his stuff”

Ross Gittins

“As a weekly regular on our morning show, Andrew is a wealth of amazing practical strategies to get ahead in life. Totally inspirational”

Liam Renton Program Director. 96.5FM Brisbane 


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