I ran my first Author 2.0 retreat in May and it was hugely successful. So the question has come up, when is the next one - and the answer is November the 10th - 13th 2016. My Author 2.0 retreat is a 4 day retreat that is only open for people who have already written and published a book, who are ready to get serious about their author career ahead.

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My Latest Book

If there was one book that could help you build a seriously great small business, this is the one. The bestselling “Big Book of Small Business” contains a mix of street smart advice combined with a large dose of wisdom and inspiration.

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What’s On Next?


SPEAKER 2.0 4 DAY BALI RETREAT - A webinar to find out more about this event.

What else is making a Big Splash?

The Key Person of Influence Entrepreneurial Program

If you haven't heard of the "Key Person of Influence Brand Accelerator Events" or the KPI 40 week entrerpeneurial program you really need to get out much more. Currently running in the United Kingdom, Singapore, USA and Australia, it has been described as the leading entrepreneurial program on the planet - full stop. I have the great pleasure of being the International Director of Publishing for KPI and I have a hands on role of teaching people to publish books, write articles and basically leverage their information in amazing ways

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My New Online Training Program 'Speaker Business'

There are plenty of programs that teach people presentation skills (and I strongly suggest that you do one if you haven't) but very few specialised workshops that educate people about the business of being a professional speaker. Rather than spending the next 10 years trying to figure it out where to start, how to get gigs and how much to charge (and struggling like most speakers do), with my new online training programme you can now study from the comfort of your own home, in your own time and discover the answer to these and many other questions about the speaking business. Check out the dedicated website for this online programme.

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Whats Making

Are You Brave Enough to Make Your Daily Schedule Suit You Lifestyle?
It's time to make your business work for you not the other way around.

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Flying Solo

This is where all businesss soloists go to get smart advice.
Check out my articles, podcasts, webinars and other information by visiting Flying Solo and searching for "Andrew Griffiths".



My Blog

Is Your Need for Perfection Breaking Those Around You?
Most of my life I have battled with perfection. I don’t mean that I am perfect in any shape or form, but I have...

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