Andrew is available to deliver training programmes throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. He is a highly energetic and inspirational trainer who is able to work effectively with both small and large groups.

Andrew customises all of his training programmes to ensure the specific needs of the organisation are met. Programmes can be developed for half day workshops, full days workshops and multi day retreats.

Very few trainers can present with authority on such a wide range of topics including:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Selling
  • Customer Service
  • Small Business
  • Management
  • Innovation
  • Creative thinking
  • Writing
  • Presenting
  • Work/life balance
  • Inspiration

Rates vary depending on the location, number of attendees and length of the workshop.

Mirroring the Masters Programme

This 12 module programme is designed to take a group of individuals in high pressure, demanding working environments and give them the resources and skills to operate at a higher and more sustainable emotional level.

Andrew Griffiths has modeled this programme from his own personal experiences and observations of extremely high level performers. These are people like Anthony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, T Harv Ecker, Jack Canfield, Lance Armstrong, Sir David Attenborough, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many more.

The big question is what makes these people different from the normal? What is different about their habits, their philosophies and their actions? By understanding what these peak achievers do differently, we become able to mirror their success, at what ever level we want. Andrew has identified 12 common characteristics shared by these amazing people and turned them into a smart, results driven programme that will dramatically increase all aspects of the participants life.

The Changing Face of Customer Service

Managing the constantly evolving needs and expectations of the modern day consumer is proving extremely difficult for most businesses. In this training session Andrew aims to show participants how todays consumers think and act. From here he covers the way we all need to work to not just meet these expectations but exceed them at every level. Simple, easy to implement and relevant for all businesses and industries as well as all staff within an organization.

Professional Presentation Skills

The need to be able to present ideas is becoming increasingly important for many individuals and organizations. Unfortunately presenting is not a skill that most people are trained in, yet they are given great responsibility to try and sell a product or an idea with predictable results.

Andrew is a world class professional presenter. In this full day workshop he shares both his own natural skills and abilities as well as the formal training he has received from prestigious organizations including the Anthony Robbins Institute.

In this energetic workshop Andrew will show where most presenters go wrong, how to structure a truly powerful presentation that will get the audience to take action, overcoming slow death by Powerpoint and practical tips to engaging and connecting with the audience. Participants get involved at every level and finally do a short presentation of their own.

BRAND YOU - a step by step approach to marketing leaders

This two day training event is big in every sense of the word. It has been developed in response to growing need for people to build their own personal brand as well their business brand. Andrew has mastered all aspects of personal branding and he shares an amazing amount of first hand knowledge and advice with participants.

Over the two day programme attendees will learn how to work out personal brand values, develop their individual corporate image, do their own SWOT, learn how to get into the media and keep getting asked back, filming videos for online use, networking, managing online reputation, working with not for profits, getting on boards and so much more.

The Big Business of Small Business

Andrew provides advice to corporations throughout Australia and New Zealand on how to engage at much higher levels with their small business clients. This workshop is ideal for sales teams, managers who run departments that have Small Business clients and virtually any organization that wants to attract more small business customers, keep them for longer, encourage them to spend more and have them referring business.

Customised Training Programmes

Andrew can customise a training workshop or programme around the specific needs of any organization based on his level of business expertise across a broad range of topics including marketing, selling, work/life balance, communication, customer service, entrepreneurialism and leadership.