The Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting CD series covers a range of important topics. Delivered in Andrew’s upbeat and positive style, each CD contains a lot of very practical information that you will be able to implement straight away. Andrew is continually adding to this series, with all CD’s professionally recorded and edited, ensuring the highest quality sound.  

CD 01 - It’s all about attitude

How much is success or failure attributed to our mental attitude and approach to life? In this interview with Heather Dawson from Business Essentials, Andrew shares his views on what it takes to have a winning attitude and most importantly how to keep it no matter how challenging life becomes.

CD 02 - The secrets of Small Business success

In this audio interview, Andrew shares his ideas and advice for creating a wildly successful business. He provide practical tips, delivered in a logical, street smart way that is not only easy to understand but also easy to implement, regardless of the kind of business you own. Andrew is driven by a desire to help people create the business of their dreams and this interview will give you many of the secrets to achieve this goal.

CD 03 - Smart marketing for any business

Many business owners struggle with marketing, a business concept that is often as confusing to understand as a foreign language. In this interview with Heather Dawson from Business Essentials Andrew takes the mystery out of marketing and he shows that it isn’t about how much you spend, but more about being creative and prepared to try new things.

CD 04 - How to sell more of anything to anyone

On the back of his hugely successful “101 Ways to Sell More of Anything to Anyone” Andrew talks about selling and how it applies to Small Business owners in particular. He breaks selling into a number of simple steps, highlighting the areas to focus on and the pitfalls to avoid. This interview is perfect for any business that needs to improve sales in a hurry.

CD 05 - Bulletproof Your Business NOW

After the Global Financial Crisis we have all become much more aware of the forces that can impact on our businesses in a negative. Andrew wrote the bestselling book “Bulletproof Your Business NOW” in the midst of the crisis to provide practical ways for business owners to prepare and protect their business from the impact of any significant challenge. The time to bulletproof your business is now, not when the sky starts to fall.

CD 06 - Customer Power

In this audio file Andrew explores the challenges that many businesses are facing with understanding and engaging with customers in the modern business world. There is no doubt that as customers expectations change, businesses need to change with them. If you do, you will have a very successful business on your hands. If you don’t, you are in big trouble. The choice is yours.

CD 07 - Can you really have a business and a life?

One of the biggest challenges facing most Small Business owners is work/life balance. There is a misconception that to be successful in your own business you should work ridiculous hours, every day of the week. In this interview with Heather Dawson from Business Essentials Andrew shares his own experiences as a workaholic business owner and how by completely changing his life he not only doubled his income but he also got his life back.

CD 08 - Become an Inspired Communicator

These days we are communicating more than ever but saying less than ever. Andrew Griffiths is considered one of the worlds leading Small Business experts and advisors and in this interview with Heather Dawson from Business Essentials he explores the concept of Inspired Communication and how anyone can become a better communicator and how this can in turn transform your business and your life.

CD 09 - The Big Business of Small Business

This interview was recorded to provide advice for larger corporations who have Small Business customers. But in reality it provides exceptional advice for any businesses that has other businesses as its customers. Andrew shares a number of his street-smart ideas for engaging Small Business owners, building relationships with them and creating loyalty. This is an excellent business building session.

CD 10 - In case of EMERGENCY play this now

Let’s face it – every business goes through some kind of a crisis at some stage in its history. Generally it is a financial crisis which often ends in bankruptcy and heartbreak. In this audio file Andrew provides a very clear-cut plan of attack for any business that finds itself in an EMERGENCY situation and the information and advice that he shares may just be enough to save your business.

CD 11 – So you want to write a business book?

Are you an expert in your field? Today there are a lot of people who have built their own personal brand on the back of a successful book and you can to. As an author with 11 books published by two of the world’s leading publishers, Andrew is well positioned to guide you through some of the common publishing misconceptions and he shares these in this interview with Heather Dawson from Business Essentials. 

CD 12 – Professional Presenters Bootcamp

More than ever we are all being put in the situation where we need to present our products, our services and our business to prospective clients. Unfortunately most people have little or no training when it comes to presenting and the end result shows it. Andrew Griffiths has been a professional presenter for many years. In this interview he shares some of his best advice to help take your presenting to a whole new level, and you get to enjoy the benefits that this will bring.

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This comprehensive CD series covers a host of small business topics, providing valuable insights on how to do business better. Andrew is interviewed by Heather Dawson, Senior Editor at Business Essentials.

Each CD has been recorded in easy to listen to conversational format, making them perfect to load onto your MP3 player and listen to whilst in the car, at the gym, going for a walk, or just sitting and thinking.

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CD 1 It's all about attitude (specifically finding the right attitdue and keeping it).
CD 2 The keys to business success (these are powerful).
CD 3 Marketing 101 (based on Andrew's first book, 101 Ways to Market Your Business).
CD 4 Selling anything to anyone - especially for business owners.
CD 5 Bulletproof your business NOW - and I mean now!
CD 6 Customer Power - how to keep them for longer and get them to spend more with you.
CD 7 Can you really have a business and a life?
CD 8 The power of inspired communication
CD 9 The big business of small business
CD 10 In case of emergency play this CD - what to do if you get into trouble.

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