10 Reasons to book Andrew

Here are 10 reasons to use Andrew as a presenter at your next event -


Anyone attending one of Andrew’s presentations will leave inspired, motivated and ready to take action.


Andrew puts 100% into each and every presentation. They are customised to suit the target audience and the information will be real, relevant and relatable.


Andrew has enormous credibility. There are very few people in Australia (let alone the world) who can claim to have as many books not only published by leading global publishers and sold in over 50 countries, but also being successful enough to be called bestsellers.


Andrew is very easy to work with. His is totally committed to help make your event as successful as it can be. Andrew doesn’t get flustered, he can deal with last minute changes, breakdowns and gremlins in the event world. Nothing is a problem.


Andrew is equally comfortable presenting to a Board of Directors as he is a Small Business owner. In other words, he can present at the appropriate level to suit his audience.


The fact that Andrew’s books are sold in so many countries supports the fact that the information and advice he shares is relevant regardless of geography or culture.


Andrew has a truly inspirational story to share. Anyone who hears it will understand that life throws challenges at all of us, but its how we choose to deal with these challenges that makes the difference.


Andrew has had a lot of experience across many industries. That said, he is always keen to learn about any issues or opportunity facing a specific industry so that he can offer specific, tailor made advice.


Andrew loves to have fun. This makes him both entertaining and engaging. He laughs at himself and he makes sure his audience will laugh with him. Andrew doesn’t just turn up and do his presentation and then leave. He likes to take time to meet the audience, talk to them during the breaks and get a feel for what is going on in their world.


Due to his writing and other business commitments, Andrew limits the number of presentations he does each year. This gives an air of exclusivity to his clients and prevents the “same old speaker syndrome”.

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