101 Ways to Sell More of Anything to Anyone

Sales tips for individuals, business owners and sales professionals.

When was the last time you were impressed with the level of service you received? Customers want and demand better service and that means better sales skills.

101 Ways to Sell More of Anything to Anyone will help anyone improve their sales skills. But rather than gimmicky ideas, slick sales spiels or fast-talking techniques to fleece customers, this book goes back to the solid values of selling, which are now more important than ever.

Andrew explains:

  • The 10 biggest and most common sales mistakes
  • How to become a truly compelling sales person
  • How to use technology to sell your products
  • How to prepare, rehearse and deliver a winning presentation
  • How to sell over the phone
  • The wonders of viral marketing
  • How to find and keep the right mental attitude

These 121 tips will help anyone learn how to sell more of anything to anyone — and do it in a positive and responsible way.

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