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Andrew is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading authors and certainly the most successful Small Business author. With 11 books now sold in over 50 countries around the world, his practical, street smart advice crosses all geographic and cultural boundaries.

Andrew’s 101 series business building books cover a wide range of topics including marketing, advertising, customer service, work/life balance, selling and attitude. He shares many of his own personal views, experiences and observations on what it takes to make a business successful in the modern world, a topic he is considered a global expert.

Published by two of the world’s leading publishers, Allen & Unwin and Simon & Schuster, it is easy to see why Andrew’s iconic books are considered essential reading for all Small Business owners.

Very few Small Business books have had the same reach as Andrew’s books. They have been translated into many languages as diverse as Nigerian, Estonian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian and many more.

A few words from Allen & Unwin -

Andrew Griffiths has certainly earned his spot as Australia's leading Small Business author. The style and approach of his first 8 books has earned him a fantastic reputation in Small Business as an author who really knows the issues. He delivers advice and inspiration that's practical and achievable. His books have been extremely successful in both Australia and internationally.

We are very proud of Andrew's achievements and, being a man never to sit on his laurels, we are delighted to be publishing more Andrew Griffiths books in the coming years.

One of our top authors, he is also one of our favourite, terrific to work with both professionally and at a personal level. His is certainly making his mark on the business world in a powerful and unforgettable way.

Ian Bowring (retired), Allen & Unwin 

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