Making a difference

Andrew is a big believer in the importance of making a difference in the community where you live and where you do business. He is a supporter of numerous charities and not for profit organisations. In the past he has sat on a number of not for profit boards and helped to establish iconic events such as Relay for Life. Today Andrew plays an active role in the following organisations:

ACT For Kids

Act for Kids

Andrew is an Ambassador for the Abused Child Trust, which is now known as ACT for Kids. Andrew grew up as an abused child, hence his passion to prevent other children from suffering the same fate. Child abuse takes many shapes and forms and ACT for Kids have the charter of increasing awareness of all forms of child abuse and doing what they can to eliminate it once and for all. Clearly this is a big ask. For more information please visit Act for Kids

Harald's House

It is hard to understand why there are kids living on our streets in this day and age, but there most certainly are. In Cairns a dedicated group of concerned people, led by Harald Falge, have got together to raise money to build a house that can provide emergency housing for street kids. Harald has been feeding homeless children through the Street Level Your Care van for almost 20 years. Every year a gala event is held to raise funds and Andrew Griffiths is the MC. In the past two years almost $80,000 has been raised through this event alone. For more information please visit Harald's House.

Haralds House

Become a Blood Donor

Andrew has been a blood donor for over 20 years. In the past three years he has become a plasma donor. In Australia the number of blood donors per head of population is very low and it needs to increase to meet the never ending need for blood and blood products. Andrew encourages everyone to donate blood as often as possible. You never know whose life your donation may save. For more information please visit the Blood Bank.

Red Cross

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

Over the years millions of people around the world have been assisted by the Salvation Army. As a child Andrew was helped by the Salvo's and he is forever grateful for their love and support. Every year Andrew is MC at the launch of the Red Shield Appeal in Cairns, a breakfast event that raises in excess of $80,000. In 2010 he is also going to be a guest presenter at several Salvation Army events around Australia. For more information please visit the Salvation Army

Mentor for Growth

Andrew helped to establish the Mentor for Growth programme in North Queensland. This provides a forum for budding entrepreneurs to discuss their issues and challenges with an experienced panel of professionals in a nurturing environment.

Far North Queensland and Torres Strait RDA Chairman


Andrew was the founding Chair of the FNQ&TS Regional Development Australia Committee. This organisation provides a united regional voice that communicates directly with both State and Federal Governments on the key issues facing the region.